Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Senior Prom

These are some picture's of my niece Megan just before they left for their senior prom
the theme for the prom was
"The Way We Were Tonight"
can't believe she's 18 & looking so grown up!
The Dress
Megan's the one in the black & white

The Date

The Hair

The Flowers

Where did this little girl go?{sigh}


  1. wow! she looks so good & that dress is AWESOME. Love the feather-bob in her hair!!! :)

  2. She looks beautiful. I love the hair,too. I wonder where she got the flower piece? They grow up so fast! My "little" brother is now a teenager and it makes me sad. :(
    :) tina

  3. Beautiful girls and photos. They all look like models. Very different from my prom, LOL!


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