Monday, December 5, 2011

Paper Secrets Holiday Blog Hop WINNER!

The winner of my Blog Hop prize

Congratulations Janelle please pm or email me your address
through Paper Secrets


  1. THANK YOU so much!!!!
    Sent you a PM!

  2. On February 1st I received a surprise and an honor! Fran Burke over at PaperInkME selected me along with four other bloggers to receive this award. This is a cool little award to receive, for one of the main purposes is to draw attention to we "little bloggers", those of us who have a following of 200 or less. I believe the idea is to raise awareness and build followers for those of us who might be falling thru the cracks in the blogger world. And to that I say, THANK YOU! So one of the rules is to thank the giver of the award... Thanks FRAN! and to shine line on five more bloggers that deserve recognition out there... so here are my top 5!

    Nancy I want to recognize YOU! and share the Liebster Blog award.. please visit my blog for details. I apologize for posting here, but I can't find an email link for you. :(


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